Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Obama Orders Study on Socialism - Chuck Norris - Townhall Conservative

Obama Orders Study on Socialism - Chuck Norris - Townhall Conservative Looks like Obama has ordered a study of our current government to see if we have too many or too redundant regulations that could possibly slow economic growth or adversely affect American businesses. As with so many things in this administration, this executive order looks and sounds good on the surface. In fact there are some from both parties who think that this review is a good first step, as indicated in some of the articles below.  But we are always left to wonder about Obama's true intentions especially when he orders the government to police itself without an outside, non-government independent audit. Now that we have a new congress we need to be very concerned about President Obama's executive power and closely scrutinize every executive order he signs. We have to be careful that we don't become so focused on the legislature that we miss critical executive decisions. We need to understand the importance of executive power and how it could be used against us. Now is the time to be even more vigilant because government by executive order is a clear path to dictatorship and most definitely unconstitutional.
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